Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishcast Wednesday : What is your heart's wish?

Greeting & Salutations ! Fellow Wishcasters and everyone who should be a Wishcaster , Welcome!!!


     It has been so long since I wishcasted with Jamie Ridler and the rest of the Wishcasting gang . How have you all been ? I have missed you all . I look forward to headin' over to everyones blog and wishing on to others as they wish for me also. Well lets get started with this blog post , shall we...

Jamie Ridler asks , " What is your hearts wish ? "

     Well I would have to say , considering I feel like my dreams are starting to happen and I feel its taken me a very long time to get to this point in my life , I would have to say , my hearts wish would be to continue to break my fear of thinking its all impossible , because it is possible , Im doing it! I can't believe it sometimes . All it takes is the work and the desire to get yourself out there . I never thought I was a photographer . I have always loved taking pictures and filming, but I didn't think I had what it took to do photography and incorporate my mixed media art skills I've learned here online . This last friday on June 22nd of 2012 , my photo art , as I like to call it , was displayed at an art show called Chocolate and Art. I was so excited that I had been chosen to be one of the underground artists of Los Angeles . There was so much amazing , talented artists there .

All the art was beautiful , interesting and reasonable . We all were pretty much selling our work between 45 to 200 dollars . The crowd was a great group of people . Havin' a good time on a friday night after a hard days work . I felt like I was in , " The Mix ! " as its told . haha!     

The Chocolate & Art crowd.

     We had a great time , and it wasn't called Chocolate & Art for no reason , there was chocolate alright , all you can eat fruit and cookies dipped in the waterfall of Chocolate , as my hubby Dave here demonstrates , he's the guy in the cowboy hat . : )

Dave gettin some chocolate yum!

     All in all Im discovering alot about myself . That I just need to start believing in myself just a little more everyday . The positive energy that I surround myself with , whether it be my people who inspire me or my art , I have found that the key is FOCUS . Keep locked into that focus and just run with it .

     So there ya have it Wishcasters ! Thanks so much for stopping by . I really appreciate it . I have missed talkin to all of you , I've been so into my dreams lately in a way of finally saying I got to make them come true now .

                                        Until next time ,

                                                    MaryAnn K.

lady walkin toward my art !

The Chocolate & Art crowd




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